EURO 2020: Northern Ireland

Despite not being appreciated before the tournament, what the Czech Republic did in the Euro 2020 qualifier was very impressive, even, they are also one of the teams showing the performance. Best performance at this year's award. With great determination and a legal match, Mr. Silhavy's teachers and students have performed very well and are getting second place in Group A, equal to the score of the first team in the UK (but playing more than 1 match). Especially in his journey, Czech also defeated the Three Lions with a score of 2-1 in the latest round a few days ago.

The historic victory over England has increased the confidence of the Czech players. It was also the 4th victory they had in the last 5 appearances. The objective of the Czech Republic in the immediate future is to maintain the second position, even to take the first place, thereby obtaining the most impressive ticket. Before facing Kosovo in their 7th match, the Czech Republic will have a friendly against Northern Ireland, the opponent associated with their painful memories. 

Northern Ireland is currently in a bad shape. After consecutive victories against small rivals in Group C, coach Michael O'Neill's team returned to the ground with a 0-2 defeat at the hands of Germany and a 1-3 loss against the Netherlands in two rounds. by. This team revealed their weaknesses to the big men, their morale also affected more or less. It is not difficult to realize that the bad defense of Northern Ireland is the biggest reason why they fall into this series of disappointments.

In the middle of falling form, Northern Ireland will march to the Czech Republic for a friendly. In the past, the Czech Republic did not win any of the last 4 clashes, they drew 3 and lost 1. That's when the Czech Republic in the period of decline a few years ago. But at this point, the positions of the two teams have completely reversed. The Czech Republic has improved a lot and is on track to regain its former strong image, while Northern Ireland is falling. In the spirit of excitement and home advantage, the Czech Republic is expected to overcome Northern Ireland in this meeting in terms of both expertise and investment.
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