EURO 2020: Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿


In Group I, besides Belgium, the only team to win all 6 matches, won 18 points and topped the group, Russia is the team with the most uplifting performance.  After 6 rounds, the team from the country of aries has 15 points and is ranked 2nd in the rankings, they won 5 matches and lost only to Belgium.  It is clear that until now, Russia has been showing a great performance over the years.

Currently Russia has 5 victories, keeping 4 clean sheets and scoring up to 18 goals.  It can be seen that not only is the defense extremely solid, but the attack of this team is also extremely effective with an average of 3 goals / game so far.  The current impressive face is Russia's answer to the fans after their achievements.  Previously, Russia has proved that it is gradually becoming a force of world football by continuously creating significant achievements, typically reaching the quarter-finals of the 2018 World Cup.

On the other side, Scotland is predicted that there are not many chances in the match tonight.  Scotland is quite inferior in the group including names like Belgium, Russia or Kazakhstan.  After 6 rounds, this team only got 6 points and ranked 5th, just more than the "warehouse" of San Marino.  With such poor performance, the opportunity for them to finish in the Top 2 is almost no longer available.  In addition, in the match against Russia, Scotland did not have the best force when it was absent for 4 pillars due to injuries and tickets including Liam Cooper, Oliver McBurnie, Grant Hanley and Scott McTominay.

Remember, Russia excellently defeated Scotland in the first leg match between the two teams took place exactly 1 month ago.  In this rematch, the Russian Bear will have an additional home advantage where they have been unbeaten in the last 6 visits, including up to 5 victories, scoring 18 goals but only conceding only once.  Meanwhile, Scotland was inherently inferior, and had to play away from home.  Need to know Scotland played very poorly on the road, they lost 3/5 times last march.  Therefore, it is difficult for Scotland to keep even 1 point after this game with Russia.

Odds 1 - 1.5 against the prediction can not be difficult for Russia when recently they often won with odds.  In the context of Russian football is really emerging, while Scotland is increasingly playing faint with an inappropriate team, predicting the homeowners will have an impressive victory to maintain their second place.  In addition, with the determination and impressive style of the Russian attack, the match is expected to have many goals scored.  Thereby advising players to choose the financial door to ensure profit. 
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