EURO 2020: Spain πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Έ

Spain are clearly outperforming the rest of Group F. They monopolize the top spot with an absolute score of 18 points after 6 rounds, and create a 7-point gap compared to the 2nd place team and  8 points behind the third place teams are Sweden and Romania respectively.  Not only that, Spain also scored 17 goals and only conceded 3 goals.  Clearly with this form, Spain will soon win the ticket to play the Euro 2020 finals.

Spain has a very good squad.  Besides the experienced names, their adjacent players such as Saul, Rodri or Dani Ceballos ... are also very talented and are enthusiastically contributing to the strength of the team.  With these bright elements, the image of a strong Spain is returning.  Therefore, they have enough reason to be confident before the upcoming Norwegian guests.

On the other side, Norway is looking pretty weak compared to the other 3 teams in the competition for the next 2 places in Group F. Apart from Spain, almost certainly going on with superior points, Norway must  Very fierce competition with Romania and Sweden for the opportunity to go forward.  Currently, Norway is fourth with 9 points, inferior to the two teams ranked 1 and 2 points respectively.  Failure will make Norway's door much narrower and they are very determined to win at least 1 point in the match against Spain but this is very difficult before the opponent is extremely sublimated.

Norway played quite well with 5 unbeaten matches including 2 wins and 3 draws, but nevertheless it was not comparable to Spain's 6-match winning streak.  Despite the home advantage, Norway's weakness compared to Spain is clearly visible.  This is evident in recent meetings, Norway has not won any victory over Spain in the last 3 encounters, even failed all 3. Predicting they will have to undergo another  Another defeat against this nasty opponent.  With a good performance and a much better squad, Spain is expected to easily win the trip to Norway tonight.

With a 1-goal handicap, Spain is expected to win both professionally and betting.  In addition, Spain is determined to win against Norway to soon win the right to go forward, so their already strong attack will play extremely explosive.  Meanwhile, Norway's offensive ability is not bad.  That is the basis to predict the confrontation of these two teams tonight will have many goals scored and the door is a reasonable choice for players. 

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