EURO 2022: France πŸ‡«πŸ‡·

In recent years, Iceland football has achieved certain success with good  at Euro 2016 and World Cup 2018. Certainly their goals at Euro 2020 Qualifier are not small. However, the chances of this team going forward are not high. Located in the same group with two terrible names France and Turkey, the 3rd place is not bad for Iceland, but if they want to continue, they have to do more than that. Currently Iceland has 12 points after 6 matches, 3 points behind the two teams above.

In terms of form, Iceland has just received a defeat of 2-4 against Albania, thereby ending a series of 3 matches with an impressive victory. So in the last 6 appearances, they have 4 wins and 2 losses against France and Albania. At home, Iceland has been extremely uplifting when it has been unbeaten since May last year. Especially in the last 6 visits, they won all 6 and conceded only 2 times. Obviously, the home ground is a solid fulcrum for this small team, but it is still very difficult for them to overcome a strong French team with a sublime form. 

France Tel shows its determination and seriousness at Euro 2020 with high-class performances. The last 3 consecutive victories helped the reigning world champion to equal the score of Turkey but ranked behind due to the poor sub-index. With these impressive results, the Rooster proved that his previous defeat against Turkey was only an accident. Another victory over Iceland is what they aim to be able to regain the top spot.

France with the status of the reigning world champion is certainly more appreciated than Iceland in this match, but this is certainly reasonable because France proved superior to Iceland in many ways. The first is about force. While the Iceland squad does not have many quality names, France has too many high-class players, and also works very well in the tactical scheme of coach Didier Deschamps. In addition, it should be noted that Iceland after replacing the post-World Cup general in 2018, Iceland has switched to a more liberal play. They have better results but at the same time often play less convincing against the big competitors because there is not enough quality players to make them scary.

In addition, the confrontation record also supports France when they have been unbeaten 14 times against Iceland in the past. In particular, in 5 visits against Iceland, France also won 2 victories and 3 points. The last time the two teams met was in March this year, teachers and coach Didier Deschamps defeated the opponent with 4 goals. As such, France has plenty of reason to be confident in the trip tonight. The past will continue and the Roosters will once again defeat Iceland to gradually achieve their goals. 

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