Frankfurt vs B04

Frankfurt's achievements in recent times are quite frivolous.  In the official arenas, they have not been able to extend their winning streak beyond number 2.

In fact, this is quite understandable.  This team must rotate forces to fight in both the Bundesliga and Europa League.

However, underestimating Frankfurt at the present time is still too wrong.  With a very cohesive and disciplined squad, they are ready to make it difficult for any opponent.

Immediately after a 0-3 defeat to Arsenal at home, this team came back strong and created a very balanced game with Dortmund.  The army in black and yellow opened the score right after 11 minutes but could not keep the results.

Less control, but Frankfurt created the number of opportunities no less than the opponent.  When the final whistle sounded, the score was 2-2.  The expert stated that this draw also contributed to confirming the strength of this team when there is a fulcrum at home.

In the Bundesliga alone, no name has enough to bring about 3 points.  Warm cheers from the stands made the players much more confident.

On the other side of the line, Leverkusen was not ready for this operation.  They need to keep their strength ready for the confrontation with a strong opponent, Atletico Madrid in the Champions League.
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