Fulham FC vs Luton

Fulham is still very determined for his promotion goals.  The form that the Craven Cottage team has shown in recent times is relatively stable when unbeaten in the last 6/7 rounds.  Although they are ranked 10th on the chart, the gap with the top 6 is only 2 points.

That means if you win in this round, teachers and coach Scott Parker can fully climb the group to win the promotion play-off match.  And Luton is a very suitable name for them to realize this goal.

Luton visitors are 6 places lower on the table than the host.  After the struggling season games, Luton is broadcasting more positive signals.  Most recently, they have a 3-0 victory over Bristol City.

In general, today rafters found that the current performance of the two sides is quite similar.  However, Fulham's ability to win is still much appreciated.  This is not difficult to understand when they have the home field advantage with the same squad, the factors with high mutation ability.  So Fulham is confident enough to take out the guests. 

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