Fulham vs Charlton


After being relegated last season, Fulham is very determined to return to the highest arena of fog. 10 Championship rounds have passed and Fulham still have a chance to win 1 of the first 2 places - the places will have a direct promotion. Fulham is currently in fifth place, only 2 and 3 points behind leaders, respectively.

The opponent that Fulham faces today - Charlton is ranked 8th with only 1 point worse than Craven Cottage. Although not worse than each other in terms of rank and score, it is worth mentioning that in this match Fulham accept 1 1/4. According to the evaluation of the writer, the handicap level shows that the balance of ink balance is promoting Fulham.

But it is no coincidence that Fulham received a positive look from the house like that. The club in London retains the quality pillars such as striker Mitrovic or midfielder Cairney. Compared to the common ground of the First Division in the UK, the quality of Fulham personnel is slightly better.

The spirit of Fulham is also excited after they won both professionally and in the last 2 rounds. Meanwhile, Charlton ranked 8th but showed signs of instability recently. The proof is that in the last 4 rounds, Charlton failed and lost to Asia 3 times.

Besides, being a guest at Craven Cottage last time seems to be a "torment" to Charlton. Statistics show that the last 5 times to visit this field, Charlton left empty-handed and all fell before the handicap barrier. Therefore, the writer said that choosing Fulham brings more hope in this war! 
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