Hearts vs Rangers

Hearts vs Rangers Streams 

The only match for the Scottish national championship this Sunday was a clash between Hearts and Rangers.  A match that Rangers need to have 3 points to be able to continue the race with Hearts.

Playing later than Celtic makes pressure for Rangers quite large.  Steven Gerrard's team must have a victory in this round to reclaim the top spot especially when the opponent is just a relatively weak Hearts.

Rangers' form at the moment is extremely impressive.  Rangers have only lost once with their overwhelming stats compared to their rivals.  Before this round took place Rangers was the team with the strongest attack in the tournament along with the best defense when conceding only 5 goals.  Clearly the strength of Rangers is quite overwhelming compared to the home team.

Meanwhile, Hearts is having a hard time right now.  The home team is only penultimate on the rankings with relatively poor performance.  Obviously this is a big challenge for Hearts at the moment.  Hearts' chance of getting a score is not too high even at home. 

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