Recently, Huddersfield has been impressively impressive.  After the first 9 rounds, they only knew how to draw and lose, they were unbeaten in the last 3 matches, 2 of which were victories.  In these two matches, Huddersfield scored 3 goals and kept a clean sheet.

Although not out of the group holding the red light, but having regained its form, fans can fully expect the next bright results for teachers and coach Danny Cowley.

Meanwhile, in contrast to the host, Middlesbrough has not shown any rebellion.  They did not know the feeling of winning in the past 5 rounds, when drawing 1 and losing 4 matches.

Accordingly, the Middlesbrough defense is the biggest problem for Middlesbrough.  The defensive system was organized loosely, often leaving the position, which made the home team always in danger.

Besides, Middlesbrough's play is gradually being caught by the opponent when the main player uses the attacking style of play. 

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