Inter Milan vs BVB

With the players recruited from Man Utd Romelu Lukaku and Alexis Sanchez with the guidance of renowned coach Antonio Conte, Inter Milan is expected to have a revolution in terms of gameplay and thereby do better through each  stage.  Although the new contracts immediately promoted the value and Conte coach made many positive changes for the team, Inter could not have the breakthrough as what the fans expected.

After starting the season impressively with 8 unbeaten matches, including a series of 7 consecutive wins, Inter quickly showed many shortcomings when facing the big boys.  They suffered 2 consecutive defeats against two fierce rivals Juventus and Barcelona, ​​thereby ending the sublimation series.  The defeat to Juventus also caused Inter to lose the top of the Serie A to the Turin team, while the defeat against Barcelona was filled with regret because Inter had a better position.  Thus, the Nerazzurri has only 1 point after 2 matches and is ranked at the bottom of Group F.

Meanwhile, Dortmund is rated in the death table with names like Barcelona, ​​Slavia Praha, Inter Milan.  They showed their bravery by the top of the table with 4 points obtained after the first two matches.  Representatives of Germany are showing that they can completely make it in the Champions League group stage this year.  In terms of form, coach and coach Lucien Favre owns a series of 9 unbeaten matches in all competitions, but most of them are draws in the last minutes.

Despite their good form, Dortmund often plays poorly every time they have to leave the home and the trip to Italy today will also be a big difficulty for them.  However, with a stable performance in recent times, Dortmund is still a team that is more appreciated in the encounter with Inter.  

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