La Liga: Atletico Madrid


Besides, the recent victory also showed a positive performance of teachers and teachers Sergio Gonzalez at the beginning of this season. And it is worth noting that the scores that they have so far come from many strong teams, namely 2 wins on the pitch of Betis and Espanyol, followed by holding Real Madrid and the team currently having Granada's top form is Granada.

Because of such a performance, in the next round, although facing a very strong opponent, Atletico Madrid, Valladolid's fans were very optimistic on a positive result for the home team. . Moreover, this match teachers and teachers Sergio Gonzalez also played at home, where from the beginning of the season they are still maintaining unbeaten performance after 2 matches.

Not only that, looking to the opposite side, the opponent of the home team Jose Zorrilla also did not show much confidence in the upcoming match. At the moment, despite being 3rd in the table, but 14 points after 7 rounds is not a positive number for a team as highly appreciated as Atletico Madrid at the beginning of this season.

In fact, the performance from the beginning of the season of the teachers and teachers Dìego Simeone is not really stable, especially in the recent period when going through 4 rounds, Atletico Madrid only won 1 victory, the rest drew 2 and lost 1 Not to mention, before this weekend's game, the red-striped shirt team also had a disadvantage when they had just returned from Russia after the match in the European arena with Lokomotiv Moscow in the middle of the week. 
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