Ligue 1: PSG

The traumatic storm is making PSG's forces quite thin.  In attack, both Edison Cavani and Kylian Mbappe had to work with the doctors.

In the Champions League match against Real Madrid, the rich man did not even have the services of Neymar because of a suspension.  Many people think of the prospect of failure at home.

But no, the army of coach Thomas Tuchel surprised everyone.  They made the White Vulture fall into a stalemate when it is impossible to launch a shot on target.

Angel Di Maria makes the defenders miserable.  As a result, he scored 2 goals and contributed greatly to the jubilant 3-0 victory of the home team.

It would be flawed if not to praise the defense of the home team of the Prince Park yard.  Since the beginning of the season, this is their very important fulcrum.  Be aware, only Rennes conceded them in Ligue 1.

Obviously, the power of PSG is created by cohesion in the collective, not so much dependent on one individual.  They are still strong enough to control the situation and wait for the pillars to return.

On the other side of the line, Reims won 2-0 against Lille in the opening match in September. However, they soon returned with a weak face.

This team is not bad at defending.  However, their attack power did not match.  The striker was hungry and almost lost in the opposition defense.  PSG vs Reims, the midfielders are not class enough to make a difference. 
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