Liverpool vs LCFC


In the Premier League this season, Liverpool are showing an absolute destructive power. The Red Brigade is the only team to have won all 21 points after 7 wins, thus leading the table. In theory, the team of Jurgen Klopp has many opportunities to win the Premier League for the first time because they are currently far ahead of their opponent in the two-horse race, Man City, by 5 points. However, certainly should not forget that this team was 9 points ahead of Man City last season but then still can not crown. The obsession with such distances makes The Kop unable to feel secure because the season is still very long.

However, this distance is enough for them to gain confidence for the race to the championship. Above all, the sublimation of individuals and the cohesion of the team and the experience of Klopp, all make Liverpool fans extremely confident in the happy ending that awaits them. end of the season. Not only the Premier League, in other competitions Liverpool also do well. They are having 4 matches in all competitions, scoring a total of 8 goals and keeping 2 clean sheets.

Needless to say about Liverpool's strength at Anfield. In his sanctuary, Liverpool has won the last 5 times to welcome guests. From the weaker teams like Newcastle United or Norwich City to the Big Six teams like Arsenal or Chelsea are unable to keep even 1 point after visiting this place. Therefore, Leicester's operation in this round is expected to be healed a lot less data. It is difficult to fight such a sublime Liverpool right in their mecca even though Leicester are also playing quite well.

Leicester are ranked 3rd on the list right after Liverpool and Man CIty. The last two rounds of Leicester were impressive. They defeated Newcastle United with 5 goals not taken after defeating Tottenham 2-1 in the previous round. In the last 6 appearances, Leicester won 5 matches and lost only 1 match against MU. With good performance and good fighting spirit, the Foxes will certainly cause many difficulties for the home team. However, winning is almost impossible.

With the superior power of Liverpool compared to the rest of the Premier League, a victory in this round in welcoming Leicester is entirely in the hands of Klopp's teachers and teachers. It is predicted to be a victory of at least 2 goals because they have done this in the last 3 home games. Thus, investing in Liverpool in this football contract is completely wise. In addition, Liverpool's attack is still scoring with tremendous performance throughout. 16 goals in the last 5 home games is a testament to that. Leicester will also be completely capable of scoring against Liverpool thanks to his discomfort. This opens up the possibility of a multi-goal match tonight and the door is a reasonable choice for players to invest. 
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