Luton vs Millwall


This is expected to be a difficult match for the home team.  The performance of this team in this season is not really good, especially at home.  The 0-4 loss to Leicester City is an example.  However, that match their opponent is too big, but still a 0-3 defeat against Hull City is very blameworthy.

Luton players are having a hard time shaping the gameplay.  Their rock style is mainly long balls, passing the line to the forwards.  This makes it easier for the opponent to ignore their attacks.

The weak of the strikers is also a big problem for the home team.  Statistics also show that, in the last 3 matches, they have only got 2 goals, an average of less than 1 goal / game.  Notably, the series of 2 matches did not have 1 goal.

The previous confrontation between the two teams is also inclined to Millwall.  Specifically, in 6 meetings, Millwall has won 3 wins and 2 draws.  The home team only got 1 win only.  The last 4 matches played at home, Luton have lost 3 matches. 
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