MAL vs Real Madrid

Real Madrid have spent more than 300 million euros for the transfer last summer.  Now it is time for them to collect the sweet fruits that are first place in the rankings after 7 rounds.  Due to various reasons, coach Zidane did not have the best team at the beginning of the season, causing the Bernabeu team to receive 3 draws.  But until now, Real Madrid is the only team in La Liga that can still maintain an unbeaten record.

The return of stars like Eden Hazard, Luka Modric or James Rodriguez has helped Real Madrid get a 4-2 victory over Granada in the last 8 rounds.  This is also the game marking the first goal of the Belgian star for the Bernabeu team.  After clearing and clearing the mind, NHm will see a Eden Hazard explode at the rest of the season.

Real Madrid are also fortunate that they have not received any serious injury after the series of national games.  The stars of the Bernabeu are back and ready for the 9th round match this weekend.  This is the match that Real Madrid will play on the pitch of Mallorca, the rookie of the tournament.

In the past, the Royal team had 17 times marched to Iberstar Estadi.  In which Real has 9 times triumphal song and 4 times to split points.  Statistics of confrontation between the two teams show that Real Madrid are having 8 consecutive unbeaten matches against Mallorca, in which they won 7 and drew 1. The last 2 matches took place in the 2012/13 season, Real Madrid won the whole match first.  Mallorca and scored up to 10 goals against the opponent.

On the other side of the tour, after 6 years of diving in low-level tournaments.  Mallorca has the opportunity to return to breathe the atmosphere in La Liga.  But it seems that the period of time is so long that this rookie has not been able to keep pace with the speed and severity of the highest league in bullfighting.

After 8 rounds, Mallorca has only 2 wins, they draw 1 and lose 5 matches.  With 7 points gained, the Iberstar Estadi team is in a dangerous area.  It can be seen that the relegation battle has started with Mallorca right from the first round.  With the aforementioned poor performance, despite playing at home, Mallorca can hardly create a surprise against Real Madrid. 

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