Man City vs AVFC

After a humiliating defeat to Wolverhampton and also the first defeat in Etihad, Man City quickly regained the feeling of victory by defeating Crystal Palace and Atalanta respectively in the Premier League and Champions League. Thus, through 9 rounds from the beginning of the season, the defending champion won himself 19 points through 6 victories, 1 draw and 2 losses. They are still temporarily in second place and 6 points behind leaders Liverpool. 

In general, the performance of Man City is still quite good, but it's easy to see that they are not as impressive as the previous season. In the heart of having to stick fiercely with Liverpool, Manchester City will definitely need to improve more. But in the immediate future, 3 points is the only goal they aim to welcome Aston Villa at Etihad Stadium in the 10th round. This is a mission that can be completed by the visitors completely inferior to the green half. Manchester.

Returning to the Premier League after many years of absence, Aston Villa is not bad. Especially in the last 3 matches, they won up to 7 points. So after 9 rounds, Dean Smith's team had a total of 11 points and ranked 12th in the final table. In the last 6 appearances in all competitions, Aston Villa also lost only 1 match against Arsenal, the rest won 3 and drew 2. Although the performance is very good, march to Man City's yard in this round, Aston Villa do not have many opportunities to keep even 1 point.

It would be too different to put Man City and Aston Villa on the scales. One side is the Premier League champion for two consecutive years with a terrible score, one side is the rookie of the tournament is gradually reintegrating with the fierce of the top league of fog. It is not difficult to predict a victory for the Green Man, especially when they are playing at home. Man City also need to prove defeat to Wolverhampton in the previous pick-up was only an accident. In the past, Man City have also won the last 5 times to face Man City. Worth mentioning, Aston Villa lost 10 matches in the last 11 times marching to the great Etihad. 

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