Man City vs WWFC

Man City's journey to defend the Premier League championship is facing many difficulties.  Like last year, the name most likely to overthrow the blue shirt army is Liverpool, the team is leading the rankings with 5 points more than the defending champion.  Knowing that the season is still long and Man City can completely get the spectacular comeback as the previous season, but with The Kop is extremely sublime and has not shown signs of cooling down as currently.  Pep Guardiola's students are forced to play very carefully in the near future if they do not want to be further away in the two-horse race.

Currently Man City has gradually regained its form with a series of 5 consecutive victories in all competitions since the 3-2 defeat to Norwich.  In the last match in the Champions League, Pep Guardiola's army also easily won 2-0 when facing Dinamo Zagreb.  Although this is only a small opponent, that victory also gives them a huge advantage in the goal of winning the first place in the Champions League group stage.  Now the players are in good spirits to return to the next battle in the Premier League.

Guest on the field of Man City in this round will Wolverhampton, the team is ranked 13th on the table with 7 points obtained after 7 rounds.  It was obvious that the Wolves were no longer themselves, they were constantly ending the match with a tie so they did not perform too badly, but their performance could not be high.  Recently, Wolverhampton has prospered by winning the last 3 matches in all competitions.

However, Wolverhampton must know that they do not have many reasons to be confident in the trip to the Man City Stadium.  The fact that the pillars are in form and the depth of the squad is limited, and at the same time fighting in many arenas, Wolverhampton proved quite confused and exhausted.  If Wolverhampton was the killer of the big man last season, this season, they have lost to 2-5 against Chelsea and the immediate battle with Man City. 
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