Napoli vs Atalanta

Napoli is making NHM go up to the cloud with erratic style.  After being defeated by Juventus in early September, they won a match in three matches, including against the European champion Liverpool.  However, shortly afterwards Napoli disappointed with a weak defeat 1-2 against Cagliaria.  By the end of last week, once again teachers and students Carlo Ancelotti made people fed up when letting Spal 2-2 draw.

Be aware that, before that, the blue team had 2 triumphs in a row, before Verona (2-0) and Salzburg (2-3) respectively.  The defeat as lost before Spal caused Napoli to be defending champions Juventus increased to 6 points.  It is worth mentioning, they were close to the 5th (AS Roma) and 6 (Lazio) teams with 1 and 2 points less.

That means, if the track is not completed in the morning, Napoli will probably be knocked out of the top 4. On the opposite side, in contrast to the poor performance in the Champions League, Atalanta is maintaining stability.  at a very high level in Serie A. Statistics of the last 7 rounds show that Gian Piero Gasperini's team is unbeaten, pocketing 17/21 maximum points.

 In terms of truss performance, Atalanta only once betrayed the confidence of Asian investors.  2 recent times as a guest of Napoli, Atalanta is not only unbeaten but also won.  More broadly, they lost only 1 match, the rest won 3 in the past 4 matches.  In particular, the last time Napoli was accepted 0: 1/2, Atalanta had a triumph song with a score of 2-1.  Therefore, trust should be placed on the guests. 
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