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NBA 2019: Boston Celtics

If the first years corresponded to two years of reconstruction , the following years to an underdog who fought to get into a hypothetical NBA Finals and last year we faced him as aspiring to everything for the first time in a decade (ha), what are the Boston Celtics today? An underdog in an East Conference again weakened? A new paradigm of mediocrity to the  Atlanta Hawks ?

The Boston Celtics are a team in the hands of their young players. With three veterans more than contrasted in the NBA, Kemba Walker , Gordon Hayward and Enes Kanter , it will be the children's level that marks if the green compass needle points more toward a contending or mediocre team; meat of falling in first or second round of Playoffs , depending on the crossing.

If Jaylen Brown and, above all, Jayson Tatum make the expected jump from it from the stands and offices of TD Garden, the Celtics will be one of the teams with more resources on both sides of the field from this season but, if on the contrary, they follow a slow maceration and their roof never coincides with that of Kemba and Gordon, there are many years of 48 victories ahead.