NBA 2019: Brooklyn Nets

The Brooklyn Nets seem close to having reached it. After the disastrous operations that a few seasons ago brought the various Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Joe Johnson and Deron Williams . After the many years spent waiting, without a competitive team and without Draft choices. After a surprising season, when the great work of coach Atkinson took the playoffs by surprise. The "after" time is over; that of the " now " has arrived . While waiting for Kevin Durant to return to the fields , there is curiosity about Kyrie Irving's new Brooklyn and surprises. Here is the Nets preview 2019/20.

The first sensation, waiting for the outcome of the Rodion Kurucs affair and counting the twenty-five match disqualification for Wilson Chandler , is that of a profound team , which has maintained its main followers. The key will be to enter their choral work in the space needing talents like Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. Considering the latter out for the season, it seems difficult to imagine the Nets out of the playoffs . And if Kyrie knows how to dive well into what Russell did, not even the arrival in the first four placesit is foreclosed. Irving has made so many mistakes in Boston, but he is one who learns from mistakes. The first four places in the East as a reasonable goal. On hold. Waiting for Kevin Durant to come back and for the Brooklyn Nets to be the favorites for the NBA 2020/2021 title. Meanwhile, grow . 

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