NBA 2019: Charlotte Hornets

The team had a preseason with various results, noting in each of the games the problems that the franchise will have throughout the season. Kemba Walker is gone and after his departure a new era has started in the roster. Now the goal of coach James Borrego is to curdle a competitive proposal, beyond that does not have great players to achieve this. And we say this because the best player on the squad is the newcomer Terry Rozier, who has the ability to score between 20 to 30 points per game.

Just know that you will have many shots per night to corroborate this statement. On this occasion Charlotte is expected to harvest between 24 and 28 units per room, not ruling out any more explosive in which she obtains 30 or more. In the end, the Hornets can register between 105 to 115 throughout the 4 quarters of play, since the pace of play embodied by their opponent is precise so that he can score more. Logic indicates that they have more possessions to play and more spaces to elaborate and unbalance. 

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