NBA 2019: Houston Rockets

The Texan team made their debut in the competition after a preseason in which they scored many points when the headlines were on the field of play. Of course, the deficit of the squad remains its defensive work, which often brings problems to win some games. Now the objective of the roster is to start off with good footing in the competition, as it will face one of the candidates to win the Eastern Conference and the NBA ring. At the moment Harden is onfire, demonstrating that he can score 30 points or more at any time. Of course, for this game the contribution of Westbrook is expected to increase, both in points, assists and rebounds.

Other elements that will also contribute their own when they play them are Eric Gordon, Capela, PJ Tucker, rookie Chris Clemons and newcomer McLemore. This time it is expected that Houston will get between 26 to 29 units per room, not discarding 1 or 2 mega highs in which concrete between 30 and more. In the end, the Rockets can register between 115 to 125 throughout the 4 quarters of play, since their rival is characterized by playing and letting play. In the end it can be a "correcalles" in which the brand is not present from the initial jump. 

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