NBA 2019: Indiana Pacers

Nate McMillan enters his fourth year as head of the Pacers bench after spending five on that of the Seattle SuperSonics and seven on the Portland Trail Blazers. He has always been a skilled coach in getting the most out of what he had, although perhaps less celebrated, plus some half figures who then achieved better results. It's closer to Rick Carlisle than to Erik Spoelstra , to say. 

It is likely that he will choose a sort of offense spread that will allow him to create both Victor Oladipo (when he returns, and in any case talk about December / January ) as well as Brogdon, with Warren's compact shot ready to punish the defenses that collapse on penetrators . Precisely for this reason it will be important the ability to attack the iron of the former Milwaukee Bucks: it is a very fast player and, as already said, with a good hand thanks to which it will be able to package important drains . And not only that, because Brogdon will play many pick and roll together with the long ones, presumably.

This simple scheme proved to be important for the Pacers in the past season, just think of the 11.3 average points scored in this game situation (placing themselves at the top of the ad hoc ranking). All thanks to the physicality and reading skills of Domantas Sabonis and Myles Turner, granitic towers that will also be useful in low post, where they can ensure responsiveness , as they will not be right under the boards but between the notches and the mid-range . The blocks will also be used to free the designated attacker to attempt his own glory with an average shot, a real weapon advocated by McMillan: 13.7 pointsof media scored per game last season, the result of a system that relies heavily on the collective rather than on individualism. 

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