NBA 2020 | Los Angeles Lakers 🏀

Los Angeles Lakers is a sport team that is considered one of the most successful teams in the National Basketball Association in Los Angeles, USA.  

Team Stadium

Built on an area of ​​90,000 square meters in Los Angeles, the stadium was completed in 1999. A number of six tournaments have been held at the stadium and four titles have been won.

The stadium has 160 booths to watch, and this stadium is not only a basketball gym but also includes some other sports such as: ice hockey hall, and basketball lounge can accommodate 19,000 spectators.

The most important statistics for the Lakers
  • Green: is one of the most participating players in the games, where he participated in 567 games for this team.
  • Norm Nixon: This player is one of the most players who participate in most of the game because it participates in 64 minutes of the game time.
  • Magic Johnson: This player makes more than 24 passes per game.
  • Elmore Smith: He is the most suspended player of the opponent, he made 17 stops in one game.
Lakers tournaments

This team has won many tournaments since its inception, including:
  • Winning 5 tournaments in 1960 before moving to Los Angeles.
  • The team reached the finals eight times and that was in the sixties, but lost all of them, although it performed an amazing performance.
  • Winning five tournaments in the 1980s and was led by Magic Johnson and Karim Abdul Jabbar at the time.
  •  In the early 2000s he managed to win three consecutive titles.