NBA 2019: Memphis Grizzlies

After a second season in the slums of the Western Conference and having missed the playoffs, the Memphis Grizzlies finally decided it was time to rebuild.  So, in January, Marc Gasol left, heading to Toronto to try to win his first ring, while Mike Conley was traded to the Utah Jazz at the beginning of the last free agency.

The golden years of the Grizzlies seem to have settled down, the Gasol era has now come to an end.  For all the fans of the team of coach Taylor Jenkins Marc's farewell was a hard, very hard blow.  To understand the importance and affection that exists between the family of the Spanish center and its ex-franchise, just think that this will be the first face after 18 seasons that the Tennessee team will not have a "Gasol" on the roster.  However, the long-term future of the Grizzlies promises well.  In fact, the presence of the various Ja Morants, Josh Jackson, Jaren Jackson Jr, Brandon Clarke and Grayson Allen bodes well. 

Furthermore, the last draft lottery showed that luck does not live far from Memphis.  The predictions for the draw gave the Tennessee franchise between the tenth and the eighth pick (as seven teams had a worse record).  And instead the Grizzlies have been awarded the second absolute choice, namely Ja Morant from Murray State.

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