NBA 2019: Milwaukee Bucks

Professor Budenholzer's picture arrives calmly to this debut after winning the 5 preseason games he played. In some the holders played and in others a mix between them and the substitutes, not seeing any significant change in the field of scoring. And we say this because the roster formed by the Bucks for this season can be classified as more than powerful. As is already known, the main offensive card is the Greek «Anteto», which is characterized by having a great power when facing and unbalancing. If you want and propose it, you can score 30 to more points per game, being feasible to be motivated much more when visiting a complicated field like the Toyota Center.

Another element that will also contribute from the initial jump is Khris Middleton, as it has many resources to score. This time it is expected that the Bucks get between 27 to 29 points per period, not ruling out any more explosive in which they register 30 or more. In the end, Milwaukee can also harvest between 115 to 125 in the 4 game rooms. Remember that your opponent does not defend well against TOP teams, it being feasible that «The Greek Freak» exploit the area to the fullest and free the snipers he has from the line of 3. 

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