NBA 2019: Minnesota Timberwolves

The roster visited Brooklyn on Wednesday at the Barclays Center and won 126-127 in extra time after matching 115-115 in regular time. That match was opened and with many points from the initial quarter, since both teams attack better than they defend. Now the goal of the Wolves is to add his second win in the regular season, as he will face one of the weakest opponents of the Eastern Conference and the NBA in general. And we say this, despite its good start after defeating Chicago.

Logic indicates that Towns does his thing and that he obtains again between 25 and 30 points on average, being feasible that the flashing Wiggins (21 units against the Nets) also appears and one step forward. If both contribute what they always know how to do, there are many chances that the "Wolves" win the match between 5 to 10 points of difference. For now remember that the second unit of Minnesota is superior to that of its rival, a fact that may end up weighing at some point in the 2nd and last quarter. This time it is expected that the Wolves get between 27 to 29 points per period, not ruling out 1 or 2 more explosives in which they specify 30 or more. In the end, Minnesota can get between 110 to 120 in the 4 game rooms. 

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