NBA 2019: New York Knicks

The team of laughed. The team that has officially failed in the off-season between draft and free agency after one season, the most discussed deductible on the planet has been defined as the next new power in the east . Organization managed by crazy minds, reckless minds in choices of players to be included in the roster (see Porzingis caselast February). Exemption from embarrassing managerial and technical decisions, which for the first time in history in about 20 years, the year of the last NBA final played in their history then lost with the San Antonio Spurs of 'Twin Towers' Tim Duncan and David Robinson, is officially for posting the second square of the Big Apple .

If the long-awaited stars have arrived beyond the New York tunnel, those key players with the surname Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant destined to write the recent history of the reconstruction process so perfect to take them in the next two seasons to a serious contender role , the New York Knicks of coach David Fizdale have built their own identity. Whether debatable or not, the new Knickerbockers season is upon us with a breath of fresh athleticism and youth ready to explode, aiming for a much better revival in the medium to long term than the projects sketched out in the Phil Jackson era. Ladies and gentlemen, no other presentation. 

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