NBA 2019: Phoenix Suns

The Arizona team alternated good and bad results in their preseason, after winning 2 games and losing the remaining 2 they played. In all these duels, the headlines had limited minutes, playing quite the substitutes and the players belonging to the third unit. Anyway, the present of the roster can be classified as encouraging, since it has several important players at the time of elaboration and scoring. They continue to lead the franchise Devin Booker and the young pivot DeAndre Ayton, who is characterized by easily registering a double-double per night. Now they have joined them both, the experienced Spanish base Ricky Rubio, which is characterized by attending and directing the game in a great way. And not only that, since his shot has improved considerably compared to the start of his career.

Other elements that will surely contribute when you have to play are Kelly Oubre Jr and Tyler Johnson, since both have a great ease to launch. Special mention for newcomers Frank Kaminsky, Aron Baynes and Dario Saric, who have responded so far both in defense and in attack. This time it is expected that Phoenix will register between 25 and 29 points per period, not discarding 1 or 2 super explosives in which it obtains 30 or more. In the end, the Suns can specify between 110 to 120 throughout the 48 minutes of play. And we say this because the rhythm of the game will be intense, since the Kings play and let play. 

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