NBA 2019: San Antonio Spurs

Originality, cultures and group.  If we were to describe the new San Antonio Spurs of the post-Tony Parker-Manu Ginobili-Tim Duncan era, starting from the first true 'zero year' or 2018/19, we could summarize it using these terms.

Consequently, the "Pop Art" can be contextualized as "the ability to draw the best or the best possible result from an amalgamation of young people and veterans starting from the same foundations, namely those mentioned above".  Strength that the Texan franchise has put on display even in a season in which it was not the protagonist, expressing a basketball completely in contrast with the new trends of the league, but where it has nevertheless hit the main objective: the 22nd consecutive post-season.  The constant effectiveness of this organization can no longer surprise, even more so after these last years in which many experts hinted at the exit of the greatest basketball director of all time from the most important set of the season: pronounce San Antonio Spurs or  Gregg Popovich without the word playoffs is an oxymoron of biblical dimensions.

And yet, the generational turnover calls and is now at the door, in a Western Conference that, year after year, leaves less and less space to the imagination and a future to be built strictly without 'tanking', a word indigestible to those who make 'Pop Art  own mantra. 

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