NBA 2019: Toronto Raptors

The Canadian team starts the regular season looking to remain an East animator despite the departure of Kawhi Leonard. And we say this because after the departure of this element, it is unlikely that the squad can revalidate the NBA ring achieved last season. Of course, all the other players who participated in the deed of the title have remained, being vital that Lowry and Siakam assume the role as leaders and stars of the roster. A detail to consider of the Raptors is that they have a good bank, which is sustained in the work that Powell and VanVleet can carry out.

Two other players who can also contribute in scoring and rebounds are the powerful Marc Gasol and Serge Ibaka, who have what it takes to convert between 10 to 15 points per game. Professor Nurse's goal is to take advantage of the fast pace that his opponent usually uses to have many spaces when launching from the perimeter. As an added fact, remember that the local factor will also be important for the performance of the squad, since the Canadian fans are very busy when encouraging. On this occasion, Toronto is expected to register between 25 and 30 points per quarter, not discarding any more effective in which it exceeds 30 on average. In the end, Canadians can register between 110 to 120 throughout the 48 minutes of play. 
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