NBA 2019: Utah Jazz

In a summer during which the teams based in the most prosperous markets have been the masters, in the not very famous Salt Lake City there are those who try to grow up silently and in small steps.

In recent years, in fact, at the Utah Jazz, one piece at a time has tried to build a successful culture.  The franchise has never been able to boast of being a main attraction in the free-agency large annual playground, nor has it been able to take advantage of recent high choices in the Draft.  Here then it was necessary a painstaking work of selection and growth of those players who, forgotten by the most important covers, were all to be shaped.

 If in the last few seasons the Jazz have always presented themselves as wandering mines of the overcrowded West, in the one we are preparing to live the boys of Coach Quinn Snyder could really have their say also in optical terms.  All thanks to a series of summer market movements to be framed. 

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