As usual, PSG are still showing a destructive performance in the Ligue 1 arena this year.  They are still monopolizing the top spot with 24 points after 10 rounds, 5 points ahead of the Nantes team.  The rich French man really did well in the domestic arena when he had not lost a game since the beginning of the season and had 9/10 wins, the rest was a draw.  They have won all three most recent Ligue 1 rounds, and if calculated in all the arenas, the series of victories has reached 5.

In this round, PSG will welcome Marseille at home.  On the Prince's park, PSG lost only one match in the past 6 times, the rest won 5 matches.  Even the big Real Madird cannot escape from nothing when visiting this place.  With home advantage and superior quality, PSG certainly will not drop 3 points before the team is much weaker.

Marseille did not perform well at the beginning of this season.  Winning against Strasbourg in the latest round helps them return to the top 4 of the tournament.  They got 16 points after 10 rounds and came in 4th, 8 points behind PSG.  In terms of form, this team lost only 1 match in the past 6 rounds, but their problem was too many draws, to 3/6 matches, only 2 wins were left.  Meeting PSG when the host is playing very sublime, the Port City team is hard to stop the team at this time.

In the past, PSG and Marseille were no strangers.  But PSG is the best team in terms of confrontation.  In the last 10 times the two teams faced, PSG never lost a match, they had 7 victories and the remaining 3 matches drew.  Obviously, Marseille is PSG's favorite prey and at this time, it is difficult for Marseille to overthrow the host in order to end the series of unbeaten matches against this opponent.  A victory is within PSG's reach, but winning a gap of 3 goals to overcome the 1.5-handicap is not easy because Marseille also played not too bad.  Therefore, this football contract selected lower door will be safer. 

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