PSG vs Club

With a full of strong generals, PSG is completely strong enough to earn 3 full points despite having to march to the ground of Club Brugge.

In the Champions League, Club Brugge has never been appreciated by professionals.  However, what this team shows at this time is completely opposite.

In the opening match, Club Brugge held Galatasaray successfully.  In the second match, the real earthquake came when Mr. Clement's teachers and students held Real Madrid 2-2.  In that match, the representative of Belgian football was also the team leading Los Blancos 2-0 in the first half.

However, the experience was still the Club Brugge lost in the European arena.  The most typical is the match with Real.  If he knew how to play well and play safer, Mr. Clement's teachers and students could win the game.

In the upcoming match, Club Brugge will face a real challenge called PSG.  At the moment, meeting the rich French man is a challenge for any team when their pillars have fully recovered from injury.

The force is back to full, besides stars in the squad like Neymar or Mbappe have regained their high levels.  That means the performance of Mr. Tuchel's teachers and students is significantly improved.  Statistics in the last 5 matches, PSG have won up to 4 victories.

The power of PSG certainly surpasses much of Club Brugge.  Therefore, the representative of France has enough strength to win 3 points in the next match. 

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