QPR vs Brentford

In previous seasons, QPR often reached the bottom half of the table.  Therefore, the 7th place with 23 points after 13 rounds is a surprise that this team brings to its fans.  Now, they have begun to show the courage of a team that has ever fought in the English Premier League.  Over a period of September in poor performance, QPR has shown signs of prosperity recently.  Specifically, in the last 6 rounds, this team has been unbeaten up to 5 matches including 2 wins and 3 draws.

QPR's performance at this point is quite good.  In the last 8 matches, in all competitions, they won 5 matches and scored at least 2 goals in 6/8 matches.  At home, QPR's performance is also very positive when winning 3, drawing 1 and losing only 1 in 5 times to welcome guests in the Championship.  With a good performance and excitement, QPR is confident enough to welcome Brentford at home.  In addition, it is also worth mentioning that being only top 5 in difference in goal difference, only 1 point behind top 4 is also a big motivation for QPR to win in order to get a position in the top.

On the other side, Brentford also suddenly prospered with 2 consecutive victories.  However, those were victories against weaker rivals Reading and Blackburn Rovers.  Therefore, Brentford's performance is not appreciated by the positive changes on the QPR side.  Brentford's form since the beginning of the season was also quite unstable.  After 13 rounds, they only had 18 points and ranked 13th in the rankings.  Besides, their away record does not make fans feel confident.  Over the last 6 trips away from home, Brentford lost 4 matches. 

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