QPR vs Reading

After all, QPR has always brought its ambition to return to the highest playing field in England after many years of absence.  However, the financial strength did not help them get this.  In the current season, the blue striped shirt team is standing at the threshold of that goal when reaching the top 5 strongest teams.

Indeed, QPR has been performing quite impressively all the time.  Specifically, they won up to 7 victories, 1 draw and 4 losses.  This achievement helped homeowners get 5th place in the rankings with 22 points and only 1 point behind the direct promotion of Leeds.

With the experience of fighting in the Premier League playing field, QPR is highly appreciated by professionals for the promotion race in this season.  If played by their true strength, it is likely that this team will soon rise to No. 2 on the rankings.  Welcoming 1 Reading on the downturn will be an opportunity for QPR to get 3 points.

On the other side of the battle line, it seems that Reading has not been able to find itself since the farewell of the English Premier League.  This team kept showing their catastrophic performances.  This is evidenced by the 4/6 series of recent losses.

This poor performance made them fall to the 20th position in the rankings with 10 points and only 1 point better than the red light group.  If this momentum continues, it is likely that Reading will have to join the relegation race soon.  The march to QPR home field is now considered to be the next failure for the guests. 

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