Real Madrid vs GRA

The match of Real Madrid and Granada tonight promises to be an extremely attractive, dramatic and significant battle with the La Liga rankings. At this time, Real Madrid is leading with 15 points after 7 rounds, while Granada is right below with only 1 point worse. Therefore, this important battle is crucial to the top of the table and certainly no team wants to lose.

After the first 6 rounds of performance, Real Madrid has shown a slowdown recently. In the middle of the week, the royal team struggled to hold the small club Club Brugge with goals equalized in the last minute. The draw raises doubts about the style and desire of the White Vulture after only returning shortly. Calculated in the last 6 appearances in all arenas, they only won 3, the rest drew 2 and lost 1.

Meanwhile, Granada is like an interesting phenomenon, the dark horse of this season. Not a very high-class or highly rated team in the highest league of the country, but the army of coach D. Martinez has played very well since the beginning of the season when there were 4 victories, 2 draws and only lost 1 match, the most impressive of which was the defeat of Barca with 2 goals. Their second place, that is, only below Real and above Barca, makes people surprised and see Granada with a different eye. 5 consecutive unbeaten matches with 4 victories, Granada's performance compared to Real is not inferior. 
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