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  Darts: what are the rules of the game?

What is Rugby?

Rugby is a team sport originating in England with intense physical contact and today is the second best known team sport in the world, being surpassed only by football.

With great popularity, variations of the sport emerged. The most practiced is rugby union, with 15 players, next is the league (with 13 players) and its Olympic variation the seven (with 7 players). In addition to these variations there is also beach, touch, wheelchair and underwater rugby.

The purpose of the game

A team of rugby wins the team that wins the most points. To do this you must take the ball beyond the opponents' goal line and support it against the ground, in addition to conversions and penalties.

The ball

The rugby ball is of oval shape, of leather or of suitable synthetic material. It can be treated to make it water resistant and easy to grip. Its length ranges from 28.0 cm to 30.0 cm, with a total circumference of 74.0 cm to 77.0 cm, and of cross-section from 58.0 cm to 62.0 cm, its pressure should be between 65 , 71 and 68.75 kPa, thus having from 410 to 460 grams. Smaller balls can be used for younger players.

The field

The field is rectangular in shape, has a maximum length of 144 meters and a maximum width of 70 meters. It is divided by the midfield line that separates the two sides. It is also divided into 2 touch in regions between 10 and 22 meters in length. The surface should be grassy, ​​but it can also be sand, clay, snow or artificial grass. The game can be about snow as long as the snow and the underlying surface are safe to do so. It is not allowed to be thrown on a permanent hard surface such as concrete or asphalt. And in the case of artificial grass, they must comply with IRB Regulation 22.