SaintsFC vs LCFC

After losing to the top team Liverpool, Leicester recently won Burnley, thereby regaining the feeling of victory and adding 3 points to maintain the 3rd position in the English Premier League.  So after 9 rounds, the Foxes won 17 points, won 5 matches, drew 2 matches and lost twice.  If they continue to maintain the current performance, Brendan Rodgers' team can completely win the ticket to attend the continent's most prestigious arena next season.

Worth mentioning, Leicester City only had to accept 8 goals after all those rounds.  It can be seen that despite selling the center-back Harry Maguire, Leicester is still maintaining a fairly solid defense.  Besides, stars like: J. Maddison, J. Vardy, Ndidi, ... are shining brightly this season and bringing positive results for the Foxes.  In terms of form, they have won 4/5 the most recent debut in all arenas.  Good form is the factor that gives Leicester City enough confidence to march to Southampton's field in the 10th round.

On the other side, Southampton are showing a disappointing face.  It seems that the more they play, the more exposed and inferior this team is in the Premier League.  The Sotons are currently ranked 17th in the standings with only 8 points won after 9 rounds, only standing on the red light group thanks to the sub-index.  After 4 rounds, they did not know the smell of victory, instead it was a draw and up to 3 defeats.  Even at home.  Mary, Southampton also did not get good results.  Since the start of last season, Southampton have won only 5 victories while playing here.  It is also the worst home record among clubs playing in the Premier League. 

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