SerieATIM: AC Milan

In  the 4th round of Serie A 2019/20, Torino brought their fans from heaven to the ground. Immediately after two successive victories against Sassuolo and Atalanta in the first two rounds, Torino played weakly and failed both of the last two rounds against Sampdoria and especially against rookie Lecce right at Olimpico de Turin. This is clearly a shock for this team and they can not drop further, otherwise the Turin team will be extremely disadvantaged in the race to qualify for the European Cup next season.

Currently, Torino only got 6 points and ranked 10th in the rankings. Not only did he not do well in Serie A, Torino also repeatedly failed in the European arena when losing to Wolverhampton in both matches. So in 6 appearances, Torino only had a mere 2 victories, the rest were 4 losses. Welcoming guests at home, teachers and coach Walter Mazzarri also lost 2/3 of the last match. It is clear that Torino's form is very doubtful about their ability to win in the encounter with AC Milan in this round. 

AC Milan have the same 6 points as Torino but rank below one rank because they are inferior in the sub-index. The performance of this team is not so good but at least still better than Torino. Specifically, in the last 4 rounds, after the 1-0 defeat to Udinese, AC Milan won two consecutive games against Brescia and Hellas Verona. These are two weak teams, so defeating them is something that Milan is forced to do. In front of a strong opponent like Inter Milan, AC Milan immediately revealed its weakness and had to lose 2 goals not to equal the opponent of the city.

Both Torino and AC Milan desperately need points at the moment to improve their rankings. Therefore, the determination of the two teams is the same. However, AC Milan is slightly better than the host because the performance is a bit better. Moreover, the home field is not the strength of Torino, while AC Milan does quite well when leaving the San Siro. Specifically, teachers and coach Marco Giampaolo had 6/10 unbeaten matches when marching away from home and the nearest 1-0 on the field of Hellas Verona. Therefore, with the football match  , selecting the away team is still the optimal investment plan for players. 
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