Sheffield United vs Gunners

Arsenal under coach Unai Emery are having a very high stability.  So far, they have given themselves 9 unbeaten matches in all competitions.  Particularly in the English Premier League, after 8 rounds, the London Gunners have reached 3rd place in the table with 15 points and lost only 1 match against the top team Liverpool.  Although there are many problems in the defense, it can be said that at this time, coach Unai Emery still retains confidence in the BLD and the fans of the team.

Compared to other big players like Man United, Chelsea or Tottenham, Arsenal are maintaining a more stable performance and achievement.  Therefore, they are expected to do well in the trip to Sheffield stadium in this round.  Sheffield is a rookie in the Premier League this year and they are not too bad.  They are even the best performing team in the 3 promotion teams this season.  After 8 rounds, this team ranked 13th on the standings with 9 points earned.

In his return to the Premier League, Sheffield has caused a lot of difficulties for the big boys.  The proof is the draw with Chelsea 2-2 at Stamford Bridge or the top of the Liverpool team can only win at least 1-0.  Therefore, Arsenal, despite being in good shape and strength, has a superior force but also can not be subjective when facing Sheffield.

In the past, Arsenal overwhelmed the head-to-head performance of the two teams when they won 4 victories and lost only 1 match in the last 6 encounters.  The last match they met was 11 years ago.  Currently, despite much progress, but compared to Arsenal, Sheffield still can not afford.  Playing at home is Sheffield's only advantage in this battle, but they are still expected to lose 3 points to the visitors. 

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