Sheffield Wed vs Leeds Utd

Sheffield Wed vs Leeds Utd is a battle between the two teams that are participating in the top 3. With Sheffield Wed host, they are third, few Leeds Utd visitors 1 point (23 compared to 24).  That means, if the song ends in the evening, Garry Monk's teachers and students will surpass the opponent to take the second place (they can also reach the top of the chart in the case of West Brom empty-handed against Charlton)  .

In the trading market, the house lists a 1/4: 0 difference, meaning that Leeds Utd is higher than Sheffield Wed.  The above rate is mainly based on the reputation and rankings of the two teams last season, in terms of strength and current performance, Sheffield Wed is not inferior, even slightly better than the visitors from West Yorkshire.

Under the guidance of coach Monk, Sheffield Wed is playing very convincingly, showing through pocket 7/9 maximum points in the past 3 rounds.  2 of them kept clean.  In terms of truss performance, Sheffield Wed brings joy to investors.  Meanwhile, erratic disease is showing signs of recurrence in Elland Road.

Last 6 rounds, Leeds Utd only 2 times pocket the maximum score.  Particularly, away from home, the army of coach Marcelo Bielsa is having an unbeatable 3-match circuit, collecting only 1/9 maximum points.  The last time they accepted the home side 1/4 goal, Leeds Utd was held 1-1 by Preston.  Therefore, the advice for investors is to choose the host side. 

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