UCL: Borussia Dortmund


Last season, Slavia Praha was quite successful in the Europa League.  They defeated Sevilla in the eighth round and only stopped in the quarterfinals when they encountered Chelsea.  This season, Slavia Praha represents the Czech Republic in the prestigious Champions League arena with many expectations because they are one of the top teams in this country.  However, the level of Czech football itself is still limited compared to the European common ground, so Slavia Praha is only a small name in this fierce arena.

In recent seasons, Slavia Praha is often eliminated in the group stage.  This season, they have also struggled to qualify.  In the first match, they have a valuable point on the field of Inter Milan and this is considered a success because Inter is a very strong opponent.  In terms of performance, Prague is having a series of 19 unbeaten unbeaten matches, of which only 3 draws, the rest are all wins.  However, it is possible that the impressive series will be cut by Dortmund in the second round of Group F.

The visitors that Prague must welcome in this match are Dortmund, a leading force in Europe with regular high achievements in the Champions League arena.  Clearly, the class and the experience of fighting in C1, Dortmund are completely overwhelming compared to the host.  In terms of form, the yellow shirt team has been in an erratic phase since entering September. In the Bundesliga, the teachers and teachers of L. Favre only won 1, drew 2 and had 1 loss in 4 rounds played.  .  In the Champions League, they drew against Barcelona in the opening match of the group stage. 
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