Spurs vs Crvena

Tottenham are going through 3 consecutive games without winning, welcoming Crvena Zvezda at home will be the better opportunity for Rooster to get 3 points.

Tottenham are in decline recently with 3 consecutive games without knowing the victory.  The last match in the English Premier League, they had to rely on Dele Alli's late goal to be able to win a point before the team that was ranked at the bottom of Watford.  This unfavorable result made the Rooster jump out of the top 4, falling to 7th place with only 12 points after 9 rounds.

Coach Pochettino is facing a lot of pressure before the home match.  The uncertain defense along with the deadlock play is the reason for the poor performance of the London team.  A win over Crvena Zvezda will help the Rooster relieve the pressure thereby adding confidence to the players to be able to play well for the rest of the season.

On the other side of the battle line, Crvena Zvezda (more popular in Vietnam as Red Star Beograd) has an impressive current performance.  This team dominates the Serbian league with 30 points after 11 matches played, 4 points higher than the 2nd team despite playing less than 1 match.  In the Champions League, they also won against Olympiakos after losing to Bayern Munich in the opening series.  With the current performance, Crvena Zvezda will probably not be an easy opponent to play against Tottenham.

The last time the two teams met was long ago, but they never faced each other in the Champions League.  The advantage is in favor of Tottenham when Crvena Zvezda has never won when he has to march to England in the Premier League era.  However, with the current style of the Rooster, choosing Crvena Zvezda will be more suitable for this rafter. 

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