Stockport vs Hartlepool

After a relatively stable stage of play at the beginning of the season, the current performance of Stockport players seems to be showing signs of free falling.  The home team has a 6-match winning streak, with 5 defeats and 1 draw.  A poor attack was the main reason leading to the decline of Stockport with 5/6 matches.

It is only the recent 1/18 maximum point that made the effort in the beginning of Stockport pouring into the sea.  Up to now, with 18 points gained after 15 matches, the home team fell to 17th in the rankings.  Only 3 points higher than the red-lighted group, and Stockport needs to find the winning feeling sooner than ever if they don't want to be in a difficult situation.
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According to the most accurate football prediction website: In tonight's game, Stockport will welcome Hartlepool, the team with a temporary drop in acceptable style with the latest 3-match unbeaten circuit and the latest is battle  won the match last weekend.  Hartlepool also has an impressive away record, losing only 1/6 of the last match with 3 wins and 2 draws. Stockport was held in the last time when receiving Harlepool at home also appeared.  A similar scenario is likely to recur tonight. 
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