The Reds vs Spurs

During the reign of coach Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool was going through one of the most brilliant periods in the Premier League era.  This comment is not too far-fetched when looking at what they have done.

Last season, The Kop finished the season with 97 points - a record high.  If not for a powerful Man City, they absolutely could have lifted the Premier League trophy for the first time.

However, fans of the Red Brigade probably won't need to wait too long.  Entering this season, although quite silent on the transfer market, the Anfield team is still too stable with the existing force.

At every route, they all have stars that are sought after by Europe.  Most importantly, each step in the tactical scheme of Coach Klopp was ingrained into each individual.  As a result, they can be the boss of any confrontation.

The draw against Man United in the last round has made Liverpool lose a little advantage in protecting the top.  However, it is a match that they deserve to have points when they pressed the Red Devils at Old Trafford.

In particular, the return of Mohamed Salah will certainly help the attack of The Kop become much more scary.  At Anfield, they have had a series of 11 consecutive victories in the Premier League.

On the other side of the battle line, Tottenham is now no longer itself.  They continued to fall, even though they had to encounter quite delicious names.  Only 1 point in 2 matches with Brighton and Watford is the clearest evidence.

Are roosters focusing on the Champions League?  No problem.  They humiliated 2-7 defeat at Bayern right at home.  Before that, the Greek representative of Olympiakos could also make it difficult for them.  Where is the bravery of the current runner-up?

The disagreement in the locker room is the main reason.  Coach Mauricio Pochettino seems to be unpopular with the students.  They came out with low morale and played very sporadically. 

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