The site reminiscent of the disaster, inside the fifth Chernobyl nuclear reactor [Video]

Neil Ansell, a Briton who posts videos of abandoned and forgotten sites on YouTube, has visited the destroyed Chernobyl power plant.

The 28-year-old adventurer has stopped at reactor number 5 in Chernobyl, a nuclear reactor that has never been used due to the disaster caused by the explosion at reactor 4.

From the top of reactor number 5, Ansell said if he could see giant cubes used to cover reactor 4 and block radiation.

Ansell also had time to find scattered skeletal remains in the field.

Next to the bones is a miner's helmet and an oxygen mask.

Fortunately, after further investigation, Ansell said the remains found are likely to be animal skeletons.

All animals in the Chernobyl area during the disaster were ordered to be killed in order to prevent the spread of radiation.

Although many years have passed, Ansell mentioned that the area around Chernobyl was congested with trees and even had stray dogs roaming.

However, visitors are still advised not to touch the animals in Chernobyl because of radiation pollution concerns.

The Chernobyl nuclear power plant exploded more than three decades ago in 1986. It is estimated that 5 million people from the former Soviet Union, including 3 million in Ukraine, suffered as a result of Chernobyl, while in Belarus some 800  Thousands of people have been reported to be affected by radioactivity. 

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