Tottenham vs WFC

Before entering the interval for the national team, Tottenham lost 2 games in a row and the results were very embarrassing: 2-7 at home against Bayern Munich in the Champions League and 0-3 before the team almost  last season was relegated Brighton in the Premier League.

The break time is a good opportunity for teachers and coach Mauricio Pochettino to look back at him and make adjustments to play well in the coming period.  Fortunately, in his first appearance back in the Premier League, Tottenham only had to meet Watford and it was a great opportunity to win.

If Tottenham only fall into crisis in a short time, Watford will play badly again from the beginning of this Premier League season.  After the first 8 rounds, "wasps" are the team with the least points (3).  After sacking Javi Gracia, Watford under new coach Quique Sanchez Flores has not improved.

In the last three rounds, Watford lost 2, drew 1 and especially failed to score any goals, including a 0-8 loss to Man City.  This is also the third defeat after 4 matches since the beginning of the season.  Before Tottenham itself, Watford lost in the last 5 times to this opponent's yard in the Premier League.

Overall, Watford is very close to failure, even losing with a difference on a table by 1 1/4.  This handicap of Tottenham is much higher than the last time to welcome Waford (-3/4).  According to the match between Tottenham vs Watford, the move to raise the signal indicates the winning scenario for the upper door. 
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