UCL: Atalanta

The failure of 4 white tables in the march to Dinamo Zagreb is the result showing that Atalanta is still too immature at the continent's most prestigious playground. The loose play that has shown in recent seasons in Serie A is not suitable for playing in the European Cup. And of course, Zapata and his teammates have learned expensive lessons to perfect themselves in the future.

With correlation in Group C and failure in the first match, Atalanta has no way back if he wants to compete for the ticket to go on. A victory is a must when welcoming Shakhtar Donetsk when the other rival Man City has been at a very different level of professional quality. And in fact, a relatively positive rating for the home team's ability to win all 3 points with a 3/4 handicap and a fairly balanced profit margin at the beginning of the session. competition day. 

Talking about experience at the playground of the continent, Atalanta also naturally needs to learn Shakhtar Donetsk a lot. Considering the mere expertise between Shakhtar Donetsk and the opponent Atalanta failed at the opening match Dinamo Zagred, today's challenge is even more difficult for the Italian representative. Therefore, the 3/4 handicap is the norm that brings many experts who are very positive for Gian Piero Gasperini and the students. 
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