UCL: Atletico Madrid

Falling into the group with the presence of Juventus and Atletico Madrid, it is clear that the door to continue with Lokomotiv Moscow is very narrow.  Despite leading the table, the advantage of the Russian representative is negligible because the first match they only met Leverkusen while Atletico Madrid and Juventus had to face each other.

Despite winning in Germany against Leverkusen, it is clear that today the challenge with Lokomotiv Moscow is much bigger.  Atletico Madrid has a good squad, they have experience in the Champions League and in recent years has grown to be a tough opponent in this tournament.

Despite having a home advantage and a perfect start against Leverkusen, at today's Atletico Madrid, Lokomotiv Moscow is still underestimated.  Asian floors recorded the ratio of three-quarters handicap football, a milestone even higher than the last two teams encountered in the Europa League last season.  Atletico Madrid then only agreed to the trip to Moscow. 
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